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Old School New Body Overviewing the Facts

If you are among those nearly at the border of 40 years old or older, then you have more likely aware that due to age you now have limited options in your diet programs. Not all the available diet programs are devised to be tolerated and accessed by your specific age group. However, there is a diet program that concentrations on providing diet program to your age group and above.


They called that program the Old School New Body System. The diet program is customized to focus on the age group with workout regimes proven to be effective for your age group. It is aimed to make you appear younger by years from your current age. According to author Steve Holman, he is the living proof of this as he does not appear to be in his senior years. The programs have designed simple attainable, precise goals for weight loss, toning and muscle building. There will be a variation in the results, but the program is within your fitness and health level. The information taught and discussed in the e-book is perfectly safe and have been widely tested for capabilities associated with the age group.

If you are wondering what Old School New Body really is, the first factor to understand that this program is not suitable for everyone, rather it is designed especially for the age group of 40 years and above. The techniques and guidelines provided in the e-book are designed ensuring safety and limitation of the intended age group. So, if you don’t lie in that group range, you will find it limiting and without fulfilling your expectations, but you can still use it. It is formulated to get the people who are 40 years or older who desire a great healthy body, optimal weight loss and toned, well-shaped body.

The program is very easy to follow and include needs a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes of workout routine per week – 90 minutes spread over seven days or you can mass it in for three days. According to the author, the key element in success is the F4X Method, in which he attests will provide great results that will simple surprise you, even with your current age.

There are three stages in the famous insider secrets of the F4X Method, owing the name to Lean, F4X Tone and F4X Build. There are specific ways in which each phase works, and here are some details. F4X Lean is the first stage and covers the basic nutritional value and workouts to enable you to loss fat. It contains step by step instructions on how to lose the excessive body fat that can be problematic owing to old age and lower metabolism. However, the toning does not begin here. The three weeks promises that you will lose about 10 pounds of excess weight and it still happens even if you skip the next phases.

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